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bulletCan you Enlarge your Penis by 5" through any means? NO
bulletCan you gain 3" in 2 weeks? NO
bulletWill diet alone add inches to your penis? NO

Now that you have a realist view on Penis Enlargement, we'll tell you what works!

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- Which are the Best Penis Enlargement pills?
- Which are the Best Penis Extenders?
- Which are the Best Penis Enlargement Patches?
- Which are the Best Penis Exercise Programs?
- What is the Best Way to Enlarge Penis?

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Welcome to All About Penis Enlargement. Did you ever ask yourself is my penis big enough? I along with my wife are dedicated to provide information related to the penis and the most effective ways to enlarge it. We also post experiences of people with penis enlargement products and methods. We strive to give best knowledge to our surfers and shatter myths regarding penis enlargement. Please read carefully about what others have to say before you decide to make your penis bigger and mess with your natural asset :)

Top Male Enlargement Methods that are guaranteed to work

Penis Extender Devices
Penis Extender Devices

(clinically proven)

Like millions of other males, I was not too happy with my penis size and my wife shared my view. I always wanted a bigger penis and spent 2 years and $$$ finding a safe and effective method to increase penis size till we finally found something that worked! I don't want my fellow men to go through the same trouble as we did so we decided to put together this site where we share our experiences to give you some very useful information on different penis enlargement methods and programs such as pills, mechanical devices, pumps, weights and patches. We hope that you find this site useful if you are looking for natural enhancement methods for penis enlargement. Click here to read about our featured story!

We have also tried to find out the latest research on male enhancement and picked up the most useful penis enlargement articles to share with you. But most importantly, we think that other users who have tried these products provide the most valuable insights into the merits and demerits of various products. Also, the results may vary from person to person. We urge you to read what others say as well. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Don't wait another moment! Below, we have presented a short overview of some of the Best performaing penis enlargement methods based upon various criterea like results, speed of results, quality, price and other benefits etc. Click on the product names to see a detailed review of each method/product to make an informed decision about your choice in penis enlargement. Good Luck!

Snapshot of the Best Male Enhancement Methods

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These are rankings based upon user feedback. If you have tried any method and found it useful please share you experience with us for other people to benefit from it. To submit your feedback click here.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Product Name Quality Results Contents Support Pricing Bonus Overall Review
Vimax Pills 10 10 10 10 9.75 9.75 9.9 See Review
VigRX Plus Pills 10 10 10 9 9 9.75 9.7 See Review
Prosolution Pills 9.75 9 9.5 9 9.25 9 9.5 See Review

Penis Enlargement Devices (Extenders)

SizeGenetics 10 10 10 10 9 9 9.8 See Review
X4 Labs Extender 10 10 10 9 9 9 9.5 See Review
ProExtender System 9.75 9.75 10 9 9.25 9.75 9.2 See Review

Penis Enlargement Patches

ProEnhance 10 10 10 9 9 9.75 9.7 See Review
Vimax Patch 10 9.75 10 10 9.75 9 9.5 See Review
Maxiderm Patch 9.5 9 9 9 9.25 9 9.0 See Review

Penis Exercise Programs

Penis-Health 10 10 NA 9.50 10 9 9.8 See Review
Penis Advantage 9 9 9 8.50 9 8 8.7 See Review
Penile Secrets 9 9 9 8 9 8 8.5 See Review

Penis Enhancement Creams/Oils/Gels (Erection Oils)

VigRX Oil 10 10 10 9.50 9.50 9 9.9 See Review
ProSolution Gel 9.75 9.8 9.5 9 9.50 9 9.5 See Review

Semen Volume Increasing Pills

Volume Pills + 10 10 10 9.75 9.75 9 9.8 See Review
VimaxVolume Pills 10 10 10 9 9 9 9.6 See Review
Semenax Pills 10 9.5 9.5 9.9 9 9 9.3 See Review

Our #1 Picks
Top Penis Enlargement Pill: Vimax Pills
Top Penis Extender: SizeGenetics
Top Enlargement Patch: Proenhance
Top Enlargement Exercise Program: PenisHealth
Top Semen Volume Pills: Volume Pills +

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Penis Exercises Why Penis Exercises Are So Popular?
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The Male Penis is probably the most hyped organ in the human body. Not only Men but women as well are equally fascinated by the penis. In fact, women are often more enthusiased by it then men for obvious reasons. As you know, the penis has 3 main functions in the body- 1. To Urinate i.e. to pass the urnine out of the body, which is self-explanatory, 2. for reproduction i.e. - to help produce babies are continue the human race and 3. sex i.e. deriving sexual pleasure which is one of the basic needs of any man or woman... Read Complete Article
Tell your partner about penis enlargement Should you tell your Partner about your decision to enlarge your Penis?
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Patches for bigger penis Patches for A Bigger Penis
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How do Penis Pills Work How do Penis Enlargement & Male Enhancement Pills Work?
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