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Hi, I am Mark. I am a web designer working for a US corporation. I live happily with my girlfriend Monica. We have a happy and satisfying relationship but it wasn't all so sweet at one time...

My story begins when I was 16 and first realized that my penis seemed to be smaller than what I heard others had. First I thought they were all lying about their sizes and they all had a penis similar to mine. But I realized that I was wrong soon after I started going out with Kate in college.
It was a friday night and after clubbing till late with friends, we had decided to stay over for the night at a friends house. We never thought that sharing a room would entice our passions and make us make love for the first time. And we did make love alright.

All seemed fine to me till I got up in the morning. I was surprised not to see Kate there. My friend told me that she had left early in the morning. In college, she kept avoiding me all day until I caught up with her in the evening and asked straight why she was avoiding me. But the confusion didn't last for long. One of our common friends was quick to point out the reason to me. Yes, it was my small penis. I met a couple of more girls as time passed by but all shared the same feeling about my penis. I never seemed to be able to satisfy a girl. As a result, I became depressed. All I wanted now was a bigger penis...

Enlargement Story

Being cheap, I tried a couple of pumps available in the market first. After two months of no results, I realized that pumps are suited more for erections than enlargement. So I gave up. At that time exercises and pills were the only enlargement options available. Penis Enlargement Pills I had heard were really cool. So the first pill I bought was Longitude. And to no one's surprise they didn't work. Later I came to know these pills were fake. They were seized by authorities. Read here. I tried a couple of other pills like Extenze, Viacyn but didn't have any significant growth. I was about to give up finally when I came across something.....

Success at Last

Well after a lot of attempts, I finally found a penis enlargement pill program that worked for me! Vimax is the most powerful penis enhancement Pill I found. It came a plain discreet box and I could easily take it and people wouldn't know what I was having. Its like having vitamin pills. The Best thing about it is that you need to just pop one pill a day and you are done! In addition I used the PenisHealth Exercise Program. I devoted about 15 Minutes to Exercise every day.

I did not notice much of a change for the first 2 weeks (although I had harder and longer erections) and was beginning to get a bit disappointed but soon things changed. In the fourth week, I saw my penis looked a bit bigger. After about 6 weeks my penis had grown aa bit and the girth had increased as well! Me and my girlfriend couldn't believe it. My power to control ejaculation seemed to increase as well. I had the most satisfying sex after that ... its hard to explain how it felt. It was like the first day of a new life.

Within 8 weeks of starting out with my program I had gained in length and in girth. I have stopped using the pills now and my gains look permanent. I am not saying that you will gain 3" in weeks. I am just telling you what I got out of using Vimax and Penis Health Exercises. Most of the people I know who have used Vimax have had good results so I feel confident in recommending it.

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I wanted a bigger penis and I got it but what I got with it is equally important and that is self confidence. Not just in bed, but in life - Now I am a person capable of standing up to others and not feel dejected or in anyway less than them. All this gave me the confidence to ask my girlfriend to be with me. And I must thank Vimax and PenisHealth for it. So if you want to try what worked for me, visit their website (link below). Please write to me how it goes for you. And don't hesitate to return it if it doesn't work. They will give your money back.

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